What You Need To Know

It's important to know the resell world isn't about making a quick buck as it takes time to build up a decent amount for a payout. Here are some helpful tips on how to maximize your success as a consignor:

  • Make sure your items are clean, odour-free and ready to sell. This means your items are free of stains, rips, tears, loose buttons or pet hair. Take a moment before you add it to your drop off pile and ask yourself if you would purchase that particular item or give it to a friend as is. If the answer is no, then we probably won't accept it either

  • Only bring in a maximum of 2 bags at a time

  • Bring your drop offs early in the season so they have a better chance of being sold at the right time

  • Designer items are only accepted if they are guaranteed authentic and proof of purchase may be requested. If you are not able to provide one, we work with a third party company that can authenticate for a cost of $20 USD which is at the consignors expense

  • Designer items that include extras like the dust bag, authenticity cards, care booklets, tags etc always sell better

What We Do/Don't Accept

We accept clothing on a seasonal basis.

  • Spring/Summer (March-July)

    • Sandals

    • Summer dresses

    • Tanks

    • Skirts

    • Shorts

  • Fall/Winter (August-February)

    • Sweaters/Cardigans

    • Boots

    • Trendy business wear

    • Coats/Jackets

  • Items we do not accept:

    • Lingerie

    • Bathing suits

    • Evening wear

    • Wedding/Bridesmaid dresses

    • Most vintage clothing

    • Replica designer items